Student Testimonials

The specifics that basics coaching may not get you, the advanced stuff to really challenge and expand your brain, the microcosm in specific niches that can zoom out and help your overall coaching. I’d run to all the ADHD students in my other coaching course and tell them this is the more specific, nitty-gritty information they’re hungry for, this is the continuing coaching education they could probably benefit immensely from. 


The most bang-for-the-buck lectures on this topic you’ll ever take. You’d be insane not to enroll in all of them as I plan to do so.

Fiel John Maria, ADHD Life Coach

You are both wonderfully clear and compelling communicators. Fantastic session pacing, design, co-leading, and amount of content. Tracy and Kate present clear, compelling, and insightful reflections about neurodiversity and how we can best serve our neurodivergent coaching clients. Their knowledge of current neuroscience coupled with their coaching expertise makes this course especially valuable.

Amy Luckey, Work Life Coach

It was a well-designed course. Clear beginning, middle and end. Tracy and Kate do a great job of offering the right amount of information. The specific themes are right-scaled and valuable to most of our coaching clients. I highly recommend these courses to both new and experienced coaches. They are organized well, offer concrete coaching strategies based on a conceptual framework and scientific rationale. Classes are interactive and engaging.  

Summer Varde, Founder, Scattered Creatives