Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching helps coaches develop knowledge, expertise, and competency.

A coach chooses to work with a mentor when they want to improve their technical ability with coaching skills. Mentor coaching includes discussions of recorded or observed coaching sessions.

Join our mentor coaching program created specifically for and with neurodivergent coaches. As a cohort of not more than eight participants, we’ll dig into the Core Competencies, coach each other, and support each other with positive reinforcement and constructive feedback.

Through this program, you’ll learn more about your coaching skills, yourself as a coach, and the extra awareness needed to coach neurodivergent clients. We’ll discuss needs specific to neurodivergent folks and when returning to coaching basics will serve them best.

This program will fulfill your mentor coaching hours for ICF ACC or PCC credentials. The program includes 8 hours of group mentor coaching with your cohort and 3 hours of individual mentor coaching to personalize your experience even further. Participants may miss one group meeting and still receive a total of 10 mentor coaching hours.

Mentor coaching and coaching supervision are both guided reflective practices to support a coach’s learning and growth. The primary difference between them is the focus of the reflections. Both coaching supervision and mentor coaching are valuable in their own right and can play complementary roles in a coach’s professional development. Information about our Supervision Group Programs can be found here.

We do not currently have a group Mentor Coaching cohort scheduled, though we expect to offer one once the first cohort of our upcoming specialization certificate program has begun.

We are prepared to schedule a cohort sooner if we have requests from 6-8 people with overlapping availability. Please email Tracy if you would be interested.

Group Program with Tracy Winter

Program includes:

8 60-minute group sessions 

3 60-minute individual mentoring sessions (1 prior to first group session, 2 after group sessions)

Individual sessions can be spread apart to cover the ICF’s 3-month requirement.

Group size: 6-8 participants


$1695 in three installments

10% discount for paying in full ($1525)

$150 discount if you register by the end of March 2024.


Tracy Winter organized an excellent group mentor coaching experience for me and a few other coaches. She is very knowledgeable about ICF coaching competencies and made sure we were aware as well. I appreciated the kind, straightforward, helpful feedback Tracy gave and the thought-provoking questions she asked that helped me in my self-awareness and growth. I highly recommend Tracy as a mentor coach and found that being in a group for mentor coaching expanded my learning as I witnessed her giving feedback to others not just me. 

Samantha W.