Neurodiversity-Inclusive Coaching

Human beings are more adaptable and therefore more diverse than most of us imagine.

Neurodiversity-Inclusive Coach Training enables coaches to work with the widest range of people possible. Developed by two coaches with multiple neurodivergences after collectively coaching hundreds of clients with single or multiple neurodivergences as well as neurotypical clients, coach training from the Neurodiversity Coaching Academy truly addresses the needs of the full spectrum of humanity.

Learn how to coach clients who identify as neurodivergent, clients with unrecognized unique ways of experiencing or processing the world, neurotypical clients, and clients in relationships with neurodivergent individuals using a single coaching model.

ADHD coaching, Autism coaching, Gifted coaching, and other coaching specialties designed to support a specific neurotype typically rely on data and experience about specific diagnoses or identifications. Neurodiversity-Inclusive coaching goes way beyond that.

Neurodiversity-Inclusive coaching is grounded in the biological mechanisms of individual brain development, trauma-informed approaches to creating psychological safety, and nuanced use of basic coaching principles. After mastering Neurodiversity-Inclusive coaching, you will be able to coach anyone of any neurotype without need for diagnostic criteria. You will also be able to coach clients who are multiply neuro-divergent.

This training is primarily intended for coaches who have already achieved their ICF ACC credential or equivalent levels of experience, though all coaches are welcome.

Start your Neurodiversity-Inclusive coaching journey today!